From my first blog post, March 12, 2012:

Hello World of open source projects.

The name of this blog is jquerencia as in Jordan + “querencia.” I’m Jordan and “querencia” is my favorite Spanish word thanks to my Cortina RA, Tim, talking to me about coming home after incredible experiences. It also kind of sounds like JQuery, which I think is cool.

I am about to walk away from an $18/hour job at a company that I like and would be able to start full-time with benefits as soon I as I graduate in 2014, if I stayed. When I told my grandma that participating in Google Summer of Code would mean leaving my current internship, she said, “That’s a shame.” What she doesn’t understand yet is the consolation of vocation that I find in my latest and greatest opportunity, that is GSoC with OpenMRS.

I found out about GSoC by investigating how I could get involved with OpenMRS after coming home from my incredible experience in December. Then last Thursday, about an hour after my last final, was my first meeting with my OpenMRS mentors, Glen and Janet. We introduced ourselves and the stories that led us to OpenMRS and made some plans to get ready for the summer. I definitely feel like I am in good hands with them and this whole community.

Two years later, I’m wrapping up my first year of grad school and slowly but enthusiastically pursuing a PhD in computer science. I’m continuing to find consolation in the beauty and potential of open source, although this blog has gotten off track quite a bit in my broader search for truth.


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