My visit to the company

There is this one particular company that I visited a few months ago. They generously support my department, and that’s awesome. They seem to have hired a good number of women engineers and scientists. Good for them! (Seriously.) They match employee volunteer hours with the highest monetary donations of any company. Refreshing. This company is all about employee moral and some of their speakers encouraged me to reflect intensely on what I wanted out of a potential career path. Thank you, company.

And yet, one sentiment of joy about only having to work a few weekend days per month – when approaching deadlines – oddly stuck with me. I don’t want to spend all of my weekends forever working, but more than that, I don’t want to spend my work weeks waiting for the weekend. I want to find some balance by falling in love with my vocational path so deeply that I can’t help but wanting to spend some precious weekends working in service of my small hopes and dreams for the world. I tasted this feeling in my time with OpenMRS / Partners In Health and especially FACE AIDS. I was on the edge of something like this when I wrote about evil wind farms and even in high school when I tutored a second grader and his mom told my mom (his teacher) something I had done made Drew really excited about math.

It’s hard to imagine myself finding long-term fulfillment in any big corporate setting even though I’m attracted to their potential for positive impact, like this particular company I visited.


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