In good company

In case I didn’t mention this before, learning about OpenMRS is the best thing that could have happened to me in college. I love computer science. Finding myself in this community where doing what I love meets a pressing need in the world AND gives me the privilege of meeting all these incredible people here at the OpenMRS Implementers Meeting (#OMRS12) is the most humbling, inspiring, exciting thing that’s happened in my life to date.

I always figured it would be nice to eventually finish up my GSoC project to handle the things I didn’t get to, things that would make it more usable. I thought that my project was going to be helpful for cleaning up concept dictionaries, but there wasn’t anything urgent or extra special about this module that moves data from one concept id to the next… Then on Friday as the conference was wrapping up, I met Dr. Alvin Marcelo and Patrick, also known as the “Ellen Ball of the Philippines.” Long story short, they are in particular need of a tool for cleaning up concept dictionaries. If my module could be improved to do its thing for their HTML forms, Alvin said that it would be a real life saver because their care providers would have more time to see patients.

This not only gives me a new and interesting problem to work on, but invaluable guidance from the project users who I can now call friends.