Beginner’s Notes

Getting started with OpenMRS was the hardest part. This post is a compilation of some technical notes on the major issues I had getting set up.

Here are my general purpose trouble-shooting tips from the early weeks of GSoC…

  1. Make sure database is working and has a password
  2. Check that subversion is updated to HEAD
    – to see what revision you have, right-click on folder in Eclipse-> Properties -> Subversion
  3. Give Maven extra memory
  4. When in doubt, restart Eclipse and/ or computer
  5. In the event of an, “Error: Unable to connect to the database” I had a few tricks, but I’m not sure any of these would work every time.
    – find and delete the .OpenMRS folder
    – go to Activity Monitor and quit mysqld
    – restart computer, and rebuild OpenMRS

This summer was also the first time I used the command line besides experimenting for no reason.

  • (working on list of helpful OpenMRS commands)

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