Week 12

Tomorrow is the suggested “Pencils Down” date for writing code, so this week can focus on cleaning up code, documenting everything, and getting tests in order.

I wanted to tackle some interesting issues with my project last week, the much anticipated week 12, but my mentors suggested it might be a little ambitious for the last five days and it would be best not to leave any to-do’s unchecked. I agreed, although it reminded me of the first few weeks of this summer. I was in a hurry to do so many things, but needed to slow down to do them right.

If I had the option leave school and work on projects like this forever, and learn everything I need to know as I go along… I wouldn’t, but it would be tempting. I had to learn more for this project than any CS class I’ve taken in college. It was also more real and meaningful. I can’t imagine graduating without having an experience like GSoC with OpenMRS this summer.

I hope this is the moment when the training wheels get taken away and all of a sudden I realize that I know how to ride a bike.


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