GSoC Week 9

My project is starting to work and interact with the OpenMRS API and the database, so I decided it would be helpful to download the OpenMRS demo data for testing purposes. It is helpful in that I have patients to experiment taking observations on, but I will have to make my own forms and other concept references. I went to school that day because I thought for sure I was going to have trouble downloading the demo data, but I only got one error that I was able to figure out. I noticed that I’ve gotten better at trouble shooting in general since this summer started, and errors don’t scare me like they used to. I was excited when I realized the demo data was successfully imported into my database and said something like, “I have patients!” which my friend heard as “I have patience!” We laughed and agreed it’s good to have both.

The easiest part of this week was writing the code to fetch the number of observations pointing to a given concept. My only other objectives were to display and test it. I am still figuring out unit testing and log messages. Trying to make my preview page look like the patient matching preview page was difficult. A few times I would save and build my project, unload and reload it into my OpenMRS instance just to see that what I thought would make my table columns look more even actually turned the whole thing green. This part was fun too.


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