GSoC Week 8

Eight weeks down, and I officially passed my midterm evaluation. Yay! I can’t believe eight weeks have gone by already. My focus this past week was adding concept search widgets for choosing a concept to keep and another concept to retire, and then submitting those values to the controller. I thought this was going to be an easy job, and all I had to do was follow how other modules do this. Turns out there are many different ways to get data from one page to the next all depending on different things. Then I had to decide what data to pass along – the whole concept or just the concept id, and the universe again revealed a number of possible combinations. I can sum up the coding aspect of this week in three words: guess and check.

My weekly iterations of the module also include documenting and testing. While I didn’t have a lot to document or test this week, I did update my project page with a technical diagram and read up on log4j.


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