Presenting, Work-in-Progress – Week 5

Monday, I took my computer to school for some professional help. It had been temperamental for the past week, but after a few hours we got MySQL working back to normal. At that point, my workspace in Eclipse was still broken and tangly, so we renamed it “closemrsspace” and I started over.

Now that my development environment was running again, I could finally check out code I needed, namely the obsconverter module and others that had some elements I was going for. I started to feel slight resentment towards my academic program for letting me ace three semesters of java-intensive classes plus web programming and never mentioning these Java Server Page things. Computer science is crazy because there is so much to learn and it’s always changing. What you can do is make friends and learn how to google effectively. 🙂

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday preparing for what I decided the most important ten minute presentation in my life to date. It was good to revisit everything I have learned this summer, especially the importance of users and their stories. Thursday was the Developers Forum: GSoC Presentations. I was way less nervous practicing for my cat, but it went okay. From the questions community members were asking, I learned that I was going to need to dig deeper to make sure I had a comprehensive understanding of everything that needs to be changed with a merging of concepts. I would also need two other things as soon as possible: a schedule and working code.


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