Two-Minutes of Fame – Week 4

I had a working development environment, user stories, mockups, and everything all worked out in my head, but I have a developer-head. That means my user interface designs, the workflow, and my understanding up to this point needed to be validated… but how?

I assembled a project page, and Glen suggested making a screen cast to explain the module so far as a way of engaging potential users who had finished my survey and were open to more communication. My two-minute video took hours to make, but it was fun and effective. I had to choose a screen recording software, decide how to present my mockups and what to say, and then record and direct the thing. The first time I made it through without using the word “um” I posted it to youtube and sent out the link.

I couldn’t imagine getting more helpful feedback. People had all kinds of ideas for usability, functionality, and future enhancements. I updated accordingly.


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