Last day of the first week of GSoC!

I spent the past five days setting up my workspace in Eclipse, learning HTML and subversion (better late than never, right?), and using OpenMRS like an implementer would in order to think about my project from the right perspective. I made a form with existing and self-created concepts1 that I will try to update manually with a new concept dictionary. Sounds like fun!

The highlight of this week was “Speed-Geeking” student introductions on Thursday morning. The international-ness of Summer of Code is cool in itself, but I am especially excited for and inspired by my fellow OpenMRS students. At one point, I also heard myself agreeing to make a youtube video of my scooter tricks…2

On Wednesday, developers got an email from Ben Wolfe subjected “Calling all beginners” with a link he found on twitter. It reminded me how important it is to not only let go of the insecurities about the being a beginner, but also embrace it as normal – as an opportunity to take notes for future beginners and look at issues with the creativity of fresh eyes granted with this “magical position.”

1. concepts are the fundamental unit for capturing clinical information in the record (as explained by Glen awhile ago)
2. I think I’ll focus on my project for now, and make that video when the GSoC t-shirt of accomplishment arrives 😉 (if you don’t want to wait that long for evidence, find me on


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